Connect to my Weidmuller over Internet

I have made an dashboard to my weidmuller UC20-WL2000-AC, and can control it locally really good.
But would really like to open it up threw my phone.
How would i solve this?
With mqtt protocol?

Depends on what you have working now... I use an App called Virtuino6 with MQTT to connect with my Node-Red server.

As my NR server is internal to my network, I setup port forwarding from my WAN IP to the servers LAN IP in-order to have connectivity away from home.

If you search the forum for how to access node-red across the internet then you will find numerous threads suggesting various solutions.

Hi Robert,
In fact it's quite easy.
Using an iPhone having IP (main case with Apple) sharing connection with my UC20-WL2000 (IP thru a WLAN (IP Best is to use Chrome in the iPhone and connecting to the URL it gives direct access to the dashboard.

Hi again Robert,

Here 2 screenshots of my iPhone with the dashboard:


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