ConnectionError: Failed to connect to (IP Address) in 5000ms

I've run into this error with the MS SQL database node: ConnectionError: Failed to connect to (IP Address) in 5000ms, it was working fine before but after a recent power outage this error comes up every time I try to run it. I am working on a mini PC using remote device control, and is running Ubuntu 20.X.

I'm sorry that there isn't much information here, but I'm not sure how much of it I can share since I am making this for another company.

Any help is appreciated!

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Has the IP of the mini pc or the SQL Server changed after the power outage?

Thanks for your answer,
The IP of the mini PC not changed however I don't that I have the access needed to check the IP of the SQL server, would I need to run a query in the MS database engine to find it?

Is the IP of the server set in the SQL node? Can you manually ping the server?

The IP of the mini PC is set in the SQL node

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