Custom thermometer with OID

Hello, first you are an amazing community. I'm new here and I have a case. I'm trying to check the temperature with a custom thermometer and I have the following points, channel, oid, IP, and port. I tried with UDP but without success. If anyone has a similar setup or has an idea of how to do it I will be glad.
Sorry for my English it's not that good.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum @svetlinsem.

Without some information on the thermometer and what protocol it supports it is difficult to help.


Is this an SNMP OID?

We use one wire protocol with DS1820 .

  1. Open socket
  2. Ask in hex (OID and Chanel)
  3. Recieve answer in hex.

So what is the question? What has the 1-wire protocol got to do with sockets?

Yes and how to implement in node red.

How to implement what in node-red? If you search for ds18b20 you will find there are a number of nodes that will access them. I use owserver with my 1-wire devices and then node-red-contrib-owfs to read them.

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