Dashboard-2 ghost ui-text in group after node deletion

I'm seeing this in couple cases when using ui-text (to play around and lerning) that even after the deletion of the ui-text node the text is rendered in the group. I have restarted node-red and refreshed the pages, but it does not help ? Bug or Desing ? Only way have have been able to correct is delete the group and re-create it .

I'm label

  1. Clean your browser cache.
  2. Search for unused nodes.
  3. If still rendered - try to identify with browser developer tools.

You're not the forst person to have mentioned this if I recall correctly, although I've still not seen a GitHub issue with repeatable steps so that I can investigate further. If you wouldn't mind dping the honours, it would be most appreciated.

Done. Just inform if you wish me to do addition data details or testing. Happy to help (with limited skills) this great project.

Thanks, just linking to it here for reference

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