Dashboard 2 Migration

I ve a question to my shared project:
my dashboard
As you can see on my initial at this topic it uses thousands of Dashboard 1.0 elements. Now I am thinking about porting it to Dashboard 2.0 and that makes me a bit sleepless. I use very basic elements in DB 1.0. How good is the migration script working to port from 1.0 to 2.0 ? I read about not supporting nodes .... so should I wait a bit for a better support ?

Thanx in advanced 4 your help :slight_smile:

Honestly, it is not the mountain you might think.

  • Run a 2nd instance of Node-RED
    • install all the nodes the first one has + Dashboard 2.0
  • Import your flows into your new Node-RED
    • Where you see an old DB1 item, double it up with the equivalent DB2 node

See how far you get.

I am certain it will need some small re-thinks and perhaps 1 or two things are done differently BUT, with the knowledge and experience you have gained since implementing your dashboard, you might actually end up with a better solution.

If nothing else, you can help the community identify short comings or share your experience and tips to help others :man_shrugging:

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ok, thx! I will follow your advice and report back what happened while porting. Since I ve switched over to docker It might be easy to restore old stuff if it breaks.

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Docker and easy are rarely said in the same sentence :wink:


There currently isn't a migration script, so it is a manual process, but in most instances it's 1:1.

We also have a Migration Guide to cover some of the specifics


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