Dashboard disappears after a while

I created a node-red dashboard on a Raspberry Pi 4, and it disappeared after a while.
I have recreated it several times, and each time it ends up disappearing
Do you have an explanation?

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With the information you have provided the answer is NO.

  1. How long does it take to disappear?
  2. Is the Pi connected to a monitor that you are seeing the dashboard on? or are you using another device to display the dashboard?
  3. Does anything else happen when the dashboard disappears?
  4. Are you running in a Docker image?
  5. What version of Node-RED and node.js are you running (you can find this in the startup log)
  6. since you can recreate it, can you provide the plow and the steps that cause it to disappear?

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Welcome to the forum @LauCaen

Also, when you say dashboard do you mean node-red-dashboard?
Do you mean the the flows for the dashboard disappear? If so do all your flows disappear or just the ones related to the dashboard?

How did you install node-red?

Have you got (or had) your node-red system accessible from the internet?

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I will answer step by step :

  1. I don't know exactly, but when I recrate it, sometimes it disappear after 1 day, may be less.
  2. I'm using another device to display dashboard.
  3. Nothing else happend.
  4. No, I used this process : Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED
  5. v3.1.0 is runnig.
  6. No, I recreate, deploy, it woks, but after a while, the dashboard and the flow disappear.

All dashboards et flows disappear.
I installed with this process : Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED
Yes, it was accessible from the internet

Can you explain in more detail what if any security measures you put in place ?

You have been hacked. Any unprotected node-red accessible from the internet is likely to get hacked. There are bots out there looking for them. You will have to remove the port forwarding in your router, reformat the card and start again. See this FAQ post for advice on how to safely access node-red over the internet. Safely accessing Node-RED over the Internet

I've removed the port forwarding, and it is more stable.
Is it necessary to format card ?

Yes, you need to rebuild the SD card from scratch and don't import flows from the old one. You should also carefully check any systems on your network that the hacked system had access to as it might have spread an infection throughout, though we have not had any reports of infections spreading (yet).

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