Dashboard in full screen

The manifest.json file in the Dashboard implementation specifies "standalone" display. Can it be changed to specify "fullscreen"?

Where are the HTML (and manifest.json) files located? Or are they generated dynamically?

It is generated at compile time. - line 56 of ui.js - which is packed into dist/js/app.min.js

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Thanks, that is interesting :slight_smile:

It is unclear to me how I could best achieve this behaviour - chaning the manifest details?

In can change it in ui.js, but have not been able to rebuild the files in dist/

What is the difference between "standalone" and "fullscreen" display ?

Standalone is the default / normal browser setup with the address bar at the top, etc.

Fullscreen shows just the webpage.


Do I understand correctly that when clicking on a shortcut in Windows, Android, ... The page will immediately open in full-screen mode. i.e. without the user pressing F11 in Windows ?

This page explains the differences quite well

you would need to clone the source locally - edit the ui.js file - then rebuild it using gulp command. - Then re-install the newly built version.

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Yes, I think so - depending on the browser settings, etc.

Thanks! I guess a feature request might be the better option, as this is nice-to-have :slight_smile:

But it looks like feature requests are supposed to be made here on this forum. So an I consider my suggestion as posted now? :slight_smile:

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