Dashboard not showing scanned objects

Hi there!!!,
I am new to node-red programming and I am working on a school project recently assigned to me... so please forgive me in advance if I am missing anything or using the wrong terms, I am still learning it with no programming knowledge beforehand

I am trying to configure the SICK Inspector p63x, on the SOPASair website (accessed via the inspector's IP of, I am able to finish configuring the inspector, it is able to scan and recognize objects via QR code. However, it does not reflect it on the node-red dashboard. On the Npm node-red cmd, it keeps showing connecting to then connected to then failed to connect to immediately right after. I am able to ping it from the pc and it shows the reply is successful,

There are 3 different parts to be scanned - A, B, C. The dashboard is supposed to show which part is being scanned, count it and show an image of the QR code scanned by the inspector.

node-red-error (1)

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