Dashboard url in the node dashboard widget no longer working

I bookmarked the dashboard so I can still get to it, but the dashboard widget in Node Red is pointing to the URL without the socket ID on the end, and when I navigate there by clicking the link I get an http 404 (not found error).

Now, as I said, I have a workaround, but I'm not sure how long the bookmarked page will work...

Is there some way to fix this, or do I need to back up my flows and reinstall?

PS, running node red addon to home assistant, latest/greatest for both, and dashboard


Why wouldnt it work?
The only reason i can think of is if you are accessing the Dashboard from another system from where Node-red is installed and the ip of the NR server changes.

The way you access the Dashboard is

  1. if its with a browser on the same system as node-red :
  2. another system on same network http://<node-red-server-ip>:1880/ui

no need to bookmark the socket part

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So I'm not really typing or configuring in a url when it doesn't work, I'm clicking on the widget supplied by node red dashboard, and I get a 404 (see above). This is new behaviour and why I think my install
of node red dashboard maybe has an issue - happened after a restart.

homeassistant .. sorry missed that part. i dont know anything about it
obviously there something wrong with the button link
in the url it says port 8123 ?
if you try http://<yourhomeassistantip>:1880/endpoint/ui/ ??
does that work ?

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It was the port, for some reason it's using home assistant port (8123).

Fixing the port to 1880 worked!

Now, just gotta figure out what's the deal with the widget, but I can live with it. Maybe next update will fix it...


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