Data Poll Flicker


I'm having a little issues with trying to figure out how to stop a dashboard text node from flickering. I am sending a command to the EXEC node to get some data, and the string is returned to a text node on the dashboard. It works good, but on each refresh there is a small stutter or glitch in the text. It's just bad enough to bug me. Is there a way to keep that from happening, or only update the dashboard if there is a change in the data? The returned data doesn't change often but when it does, it should reflect fairly soon...hence the 1sec poll time.

Thanks for any pointers.




The dashboard should update as soon as you send it data, so not sure where the stutter is coming from. Not quite understanding why anything is polling? Any response from the exec should pass straight to the display.



When reading the data, pass it through a RBE node before you send it to the dashboard, then it will only update if the value has changed



Thank you for the replies! I found the problem, it was my fault. I have three fields doing the update once a second, but two of them are connected to the first with some color change logic..which was okay but I didn't realize the payload data from the first field was being passed through the color logic too.

BUT I didn't know about the RBE node, so I'm going to swap that any anyways just because it's useful.

Thanks again!