Datathon using IoT Creator( Customized Nod-red )

Microfacturing Institutes is conducting a IoT Datathon where contestants can submit their project flows and win $5000 .
Please see the details below.

So if I read the terms and conditions correctly, I’d have to pay $25 to register and if the event is canceled you keep the money and anything I submit I agree to transfer the rights to you.

I’ll pass.


This is a non profit organization and donation cannot be refunded .
Also all donation goes as prize money.

My manger sponsor first 100 contestants who need sponsorship ie no need to pay if anyone wants to
try sponsorship route. .

If the only way someone can submit a project is to send money, it seems to me to be a non-refundable entry fee.

And there is still the issue that anyone submitting a project gives up ownership of their work.

Like I said, I'll pass.