Deployed node red - no space left on device?


Today I tried to deploy a flow but received this in the debug window:

Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, copyfile '...flows.json' -> '...flows.json.backup'"

I'm not sure what this means, can someone please elaborate? My HDD is only 15% full.

You will need to share more about the device and its setup.

What type of device is it? What OS are you running? What else is installed?

It's running on a PC running Ubuntu server. There's nothing else installed, just node red :\

OK, please run the command df -h and report back the output.

Also, if you can restart Node-RED and report back the log from the startup though to where it says "Started flows", that would also be helpful.

That's okay, I found the culprit! Thanks!

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