Recover lost flows

Hi Folks,
I am running Node-Red in Raspberry Docker Container.
I have created a parallel flow copying the existing one and made a small change. After that, I couldn't deploy it anymore and returned an error Error saving flows: ENOSPC: no space left on device, write nodered. I decided to restart the Raspberry and all nodes are disappeared.
I went to the node-red directory inside the container, but no flow files there, only node_modules folder and package-lock.json, package.json files.

Anyone knows if I have a chance to retrieve it?

Note: SD card is working fine and more than 20GB space left.

You will need to understand how the container is configured since it will be the virtual filing system that is full I would guess.

Personally, I don't use Docker for things like that since it creates more overheads than it saves for anything that I'm doing.

I also don't know about Docker, but are you sure you are looking in the right folder? Maybe search the docker file system for *.json.

Flows are located in /data
Free tip: don't use docker on a raspberry while you can easily run it natively without limitations.


Yes, you have right. I found the data folder, but unfortunately there is only one blank flow.
I started to learn how Docker works. But I was also a bit skeptic about using Docker with Raspberry, cat least for my purpose.

Docker on raspberry is fine, node-red in docker on raspberry might give you some hurdles in the future when trying to get certain things working.

To install it is a simple as one command.

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