Node Red in Docker loosing all flows every restart/reboot

I am running Node Red in docker on my Synology. It is working as I like only after restart the container or restart Synology all my flows are gone. I mount the /data to a volume on Synology. When I shutdown the container all looks fine in the container but when I start the caontainer again the files will be overwirten and I loos all flows. What do I wrong and how can I solve this?

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You could set node-red to not autostart in the container. Then restart the container and check whether the flows file is still present. I suspect you will find that it is gone, in which case this is a docker issue.

Hi Colin, thanks for your reaction. The data is always gone for Node Red with a restart. I am also running Infuxdb where the data is placed out site the docker container like Node Red and that does not have the issue with disappearing data after a restart. I have already updated Node Red to the latest version (6.11.0) but that did not help.

Ummm NR is at v0.18.7

I don't think that actually answered the point I made.

Hi @cnoork,

I suggest the thing to check is whether node-red is writing its data to where you think it is, and whether that is really mounted externally.

When Node-RED starts up it logs the full path to the flow file it uses - check that is under /data, if that's where you've mounted the volume.

Also check the files are actually there outside of the container - wherever you've mounted /data from.