Devicenet master

Trying to come up with a test box for a suction cup frame used for picking up glass sheets. So I need to open and close valves 24v solenoid valves. When the tool is in use the valves are control with and allen Bradley i/o the recieved its control over devicenet. Is it possible to do this with node-red and a dashboard setup.

If "devicenet" speaks ip or http or some sorts, yes this is possible.

Is the devicenet node part of a PLC or standalone?

You will struggle to find a ready made node-red node to act as a master but if it's part of a PLC, then there are quite a few ways to communicate to PLC.

I want to control the flex I/O as a standalone

Very seriously doubt you will be able to “take control” of the IO rack. I have never messed with DeviceNet but I know it’s finicky.

You can however connect node-red to that AB PLC over ethernet. If you have the PLC program, you could add some tags to control the valves. Then add the tags to node-red-contrib-pccc or eth-ip.

Search for PLC in the pallete manager and you will find it.

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