Do you know a way to use vertical view on a current node red version installed as an addon in HomeAssistant?

Hey, fellow cyborgs

There used to be this thread about vertical view and a github page it refers to that says in order to enable it in my NodeRed installation I have to replace the file red.min.js with the one provided there
The problem is that in my current (07/2021) version of HomeAssistant with the latest NodeRed Addon version I can't find a file called red.min.js

So, what should I do now?

I am not aware of anyone maintaining an up to date fork of the editor with vertical flows.

hm, it seemed like so many users were interested in the vertical view UI. I find it unfortunate that it's discontinued because I it's sort of irritating for me to work with the horizontal one.
May try to get an old version of node-red for that

I have a lot of use-cases for it. . or at least when clicking the node click an option to enable vertical OR horizontal would be cool.

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