Docker NodeRed on Unraid Applestreudal File Path

Does anyone run Node-Red using docker on Unraid? I'm trying to authenticate my Alexa and have narrowed it down to possibly being a access issue to save the cookie. I tried to see if I could just get to /mnt, but got EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read so it sounds like the container does not have access. I have the data path mapped. What am I missing?



Not got an answer for docker file path, but you can save the cookie to context look here

@E1cid where do you place the cookie at? In the msg.topic?

If you go to the link provided it has an example flow. The cookie is stored in a context variable ( make sure you use file context storage)

@E1cid I did import your flow example, but was getting Unexpected end of JSON input after I signed into my amazon account. I looked into file context storage and uncommented the context storage in settings.js, restarted node-red, but still same error. Is this the file context storage i'm supposed to be using?

The file context storage is just so the stored cookie survives a restart.

You have to uncheck auto int in your alexa config and i use proxy in the alexa config

Post your relevant flow as can not see how you are implementing it.

@E1cid I deleted that docker container/config and created a whole new docker image, added the local filestorage into the settings file and it worked this time!!! I must of had something wrong in the settings file. Thank you for your help again!

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