EACCES can't run ping command

I am newly running Node-Red v2.2.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS running on an OnLogic Panel PC. Prior to this, Node-Red was running on the Linux side of our on-board PLC and we had no problems with ping. Since moving to the Panel PC, we get the debug "EACCES can't run ping command" and the downloaded ping nodes don't work. The package downloaded to Node-Red was node-red-node-ping.

I have seen a lot of stuff online about EACCES and permissions of certain things but nothing specific to this. We use ping to monitor overall internet access & cloud connection in our application. Any info/help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Can you run ping from the command line of the user that is running NR?

Yes I can

Can you export your flow and attach it to a reply

BG3_100NORTHERN_NODE-RED_5-4.json (221.1 KB)

can you

  1. provide the Node-RED startup log up to the point where it says
    4 May 06:03:11 - [info] Starting flows
    4 May 06:03:11 - [info] Started flows

  2. a screen shot of you manually running the ping in the terminal window.

  3. the reuslts of running groups xx where xx is the user running node-red.

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