Editor Themes on Windows not working

I'm struggling to get an editor theme working on Windows. I managed it on another PC I don't have access to at the moment. Below is my settings.js and the location of the theme file. My settings.js file is being loaded correctly, as changing other settings in it are reflected on the startup commands or editor itself.

I have tried running it from an Admin Powershell window as well, and tried opening in another browser to make sure its not a cached stylesheet issue. In element inspector in Chrome, copying and pasting the stylesheet from the theme into red/style.min.css works perfectly.

Any ideas?

Try changing line 271 so that all backslashes become double backslashes.

Background information: windows uses a single backslash as path seperator, posix based systems such as mac and linux use a single forward slash as path seperator. The settings file is a JavaScript file, and the path is set as a string. Within strings, to escape special characters, a backslash is used. The escaped version of a backslash in a string is a double backslash.

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Spot on.


You can also use forward slashes, they work fine too.

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