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Does node red have a graphic UI like a building automation system (BAS) equipment scheduling graphic? These are all very typical to the BAS industry where every manufacture has something very similar, a weekly calendar view where different HVAC equipment can be tied to a certain "run" schedule.

Sorry new to node red former BAS setup field technician and I used to be able schedule HVAC equipment on a Tridium Niagara BAS through scheduling graphic I could create with the software tool for Tridium BAS.

If this doesnt exist as a feature for Node Red, could one create it? Like if React javascript there is a bunch of weekly calendar options, could something like this be used if React can be incorporated into Node Red? react-weekly-schedule - npm

Sure, you could run a react project in ui-builder & import that component.

Wow cool, any chance of tutorial link for how to do that? YouTube would be awesome if there is anything published for how to implement a react.js on project on Node Red

Afraid not, I don't do react - but if you do, you should be able to follow the instructions in the link i provided.

Can node red support any flavors of Javascript? Like Vue.js?

ui-builder by default runs vue.js

This is a simple demo i did using dashboard.

You might be able to build upon it...

There is now also a node-red-contrib-ui-timelines-chart node available!
Looks very interesting. Not sure whether it can help here...

@BartButenaers that looks interesting but almost to me more like a method to create a chart based on data, something happening where the person can lookup when some historical event happened. I am looking more into being able to schedule an event, future event for equipment to run.

What do people use in home automation? Isnt node red used alot in home automation to schedule when lights turn on and off?

Here we go : ) On YouTube someone made a video to schedule lights on and off

Also it looks like some contrib too:

Anyone use these before?

NEW YouTube:

I hadn't proposed that light scheduler node, because I thought you wanted to show it in a dashboard. While this node offers a scheduler inside the flow editor...

Well hopefully this light scheduler will get me going, I think what I need would be just as simple as turning lights on and off. Just as long as there is some simple dashboard to do so

I love the light scheduler node, I use it extensively, but true.. I wish it's interface were available as a dashboard component.

there is an interesting component called the node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler. I use it for nutrient dosing schedules. node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler


I did something like what you might want for myself... or for my family to control our roller shutters. It is built on the fantastic cron-plus node. I have a group on my dashboard for each shutter. There are some control on it for moving up/down or to special positions. See the screen shot:

In the middle there is a button with a clock that jumps to another page displaying what I call "schedule setup". It looks like:

Here you can add/edit/delete schedules and mark them active or inactive. Schedules can be based on times or solar events. Depending on the device that this page is called from a scheduler payload can either be set with a slider (for roller shutters or dimmers) or a switch (for lights, ...). On leaving this page it jumps back to the device it came from and shows the scheduled times as a list (to be removed as the graph now seems to work) and as a graph (see first image).

If someone is interested I might compose an example flow. But don't expect it to happen today or tomorrow, it might take some time. That's because this project started small and grew a lot...


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