Export a docker proyect with node-red and some npm packages

I have a virtual machine with a docker project, it uses docker compose, npm and it has internet.
I want to migrate this docker project to another machine without internet and be able to update if I require more changes in the future.
I have tried several things without success and with many errors ...

The basis of the problem is that in the dockerfile I execute several commands "npm install " to create the project in my online machine, but this will give me errors on the offline machine.

What is the easy way to export a node-red docker project with new models to a machine without internet?

Look at docker save and load commands

I know the docker save and load commands, which are used to create a docker image and move it to another site.

I know it exists in docker export / import for containers

I have exported both images and containers, and I do in the image below "docker load" of each image and even "docker import" for the containers
I'm missing something? am I skipping any step?

( example )

When I see the machine offline, I don't see any change in the flow.json despite importing the container
(I suspect it may be docker-compose)

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