Moving Node-red from docker container to proxmox LXC container

I'm in the process of moving my docker environment to proxmox VMs/containers and im wondering how i best move node-red from my docker container to a proxmox debian LXC container.
Is there a relative easy process of doing this where i dont need to reinstall all nodes from the patette and re-configure "configuration nodes" with access tokens and such.

Installing all the extra nodes can be accomplished by copying package.json and package-lock.json to the new system, then going into the .node-red folder (or whatever that folder is on the new system) and running
npm install

For the credentials, assuming that you copy flows_cred.json across, and give the new system the same credentials secret then the credentials should carry over. At least I believe that is the case, unless the encryption algorithm is not the same on the two systems.

Well that gave me a bunch of errors :crazy_face:
I ended up doing:

  1. exporting > importing all flows
  2. install all nodes from palette 1 at the time
  3. re-configure "configuration nodes" with access tokens and login credentials

It took maximum 30min

As long as you copy the userDir folder (usually ~/.node-red/), preferably without the node_modules folder, that should always work as long as you then run, in the new userDir, npm install.

Had you told us what the errors were then no doubt someone would have helped you to work out what you were doing wrong.

If you want to have another go so that next time you won't have the same problem, then temporarily rename the node_modules folder to something else and run npm install again. You can just replace node_modules again if it does not go well.

i'm sure someone could have helped me with a solution, but i was eager to get it done, its running now so ill leave it with that, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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