Firefox on IOS opening dashboard

For a while now I have had this problem and while I can work around it I wonder if you were aware of it. If I try to open a dashboard from Firefox on an Ipad the browser immediately closes. Several different pi's running several different dashboards. This has happened for several versions of Firefox and several versions of IOS. While I get around it by using a laptop I thought I'd throw it out there in case you didn't know.

It may help to name all the things you have on dashboard also. Hunting down the reason takes to isolate it first.

It doesn't seem to matter what's on the dashboard. I created one dashboard that was one tab showing one switch and it closed or a dashboard with 10 tabs and a bunch of widgets on them. I never could isolate it down to what was on the dashboard just opening any dashboard.

I'd be curious if anyone else is running firefox on an ipad and if they have the problem. If they don't then it isn't any big deal.

Whilst you might not wish to (which is fine of course), have you tried an alternative such as Brave or Vivaldi? Or even Microsoft Edge? They are (or should be) Chromium based and so are likely to be a bit more stable.

It shouldn’t matter which ipad browser as it doesnt really matter on ios. Apple only allows webkit on the iphone and ios. The browser suppliers are not actually allowed to use their own browsers engines there.
All they do on ios/ ipad os is to build different uis around webkit.

Anti-microsoft , so anything by them is off limits. But again, if this is just a problem for me it doesn't matter but if there are millions out there using this combination then it would be worth looking into.

It works on the iphone firefox, ill try on the ipad in a minute.

Here it is working just fine. iPad Pro 12.9 Inch, latest iPad os and Firefox.

Then it's just mine. Must be a setting somewhere on mine.

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