I am trying to create a node-red flow to connect with my orion-context-broker instance but i am getting below error message:

failed to query, reason: {"code":"ECONNRESET"}

I choose fiware-orion-query from node-red menu then i configured my orion ip and port to it but its showing me error. Any idea what i am doing wrong ?

First things first, for future readers too. Snap4City is a platform that allows you to run an embedded node-red instance to set up flows dealing with smart cities, such as connecting city level sensors and connecting the logic. It comes with a lot of custom, pre-installed nodes. I’m assuming that the orion broker you mention is one of those, but I hadn’t heard of it before today. Can you look up the package name of this node? On the right side of your screen there should be the hamburger menu (3 horizontal dashes), clicking on it does normally have a button Palette in it (with standalone installations). If it has, can you click on the “installed” tab, then in the search bar look for “orion”?

Scratch that I found it they’re all included in the snap4city package

The error shown in the debug suggests that the network connection with the broker got broken. Can you check the configuration for both the node displayed, as well as the config node for the broker to see if all settings are correct? If so, you are likely better off contacting Snap4city support as these nodes were all created by them and specifically aimed at their platform.