Flow has gone on its own but data still presented in dashboard


Recent I started writing a weather station widget for dashboard
I left node red open today and have returned to find the flow has gone in the 8 hours I have been away

However the information from the weather station using openweathermap is still there and displayed in dashboard as it should be

I have searched for it in all flows and I can see it in the search results but it leads nowhere as the flow has gone on its own.

I have exported the config, pasted it and it still there when searched in notepad but not visible in node red

Now whenever I make any changes and deploy I get a bunch of error messages regarding all the nodes in the weather station flow.. Which isn't surprising since it no longer exists for some reason.

Any ideas?


Stop node red and restart it in a terminal. Post the terminal log here.


Thanks for the reply

I have fixed the issue just now, I exported the config with formatting and found where the this culprit flow began by searching for the items in the error message. I then removed that portion of the code from the beginning of the flow till the end of the file.

Then I deleted the "flows_raspberrypi.json" but couldn't find a tool that would remove all the formatting due to the size/amount of characters as I was planning on pasting it in the flows_ file.

So I then launched node red with no flows, imported the formatted file (node red removed the formatting) and deployed with no errors

I checked and node red created a new "flows_raspberrypi.json" with all formatting removed

I think a line had been written from another flow in the weather station part of the code somehow, almost like it was corrupted so not sure what happened there.

Its worth mentioning that the flows after the weather station flow also disappeared so node red was obviously reading up to the string where there was an error and no further.

Also, while I was using node red last night I kept getting messages saying that the flow had been updated and to merge the 2 codes and I can't help feel this has something to do with it although i'm not sure why as I only had one browser connected to it

Thank you