FlowFuse: Move Projects to a different host?

Let me explain...

We started using FlowFuse a while ago, and have ~7 active projects running on it.
we have various core systems, that uses in-house API's offered by our flow designs.

Now, I have installed the latest FlowFuse application onto a new host, and in comparison to our currently running host - is miles ahead interms of updates made to FlowFuse.

So here is my question,
Is there method to exporting a project, and physically moving it?

If not natively, is there a tacky way of doing it?

I need to keep the assigned ports, EV's and everything else.
I will be updating our new host to take over the IP address of the old, so that isn't a concern

Old FF : v1.3.1
New FF : v1.13.1

Thank you

Can you confirm which "flavour" you are using. Localfs, docker or Kubernetes. Your mention of assigned ports implies localfs.

Hi @hardillb

it is indeed Localfs

Assuming there are no projects currently running on the "new" instance the the following should work.

  • With both versions stopped
  • Edit the new etc/flowforge.yml file to include the changes in the old etc/flowforge.yml (I suggest to not just copy it over without checking if there are new default values first, in such a big version jump)
  • Back up the var directory from the old instance (e.g. tar -zcf backup-ff.tgz var)
  • Copy this backup file backup-ff.tgz to the new instance and unpack it (tar -zcf backup-ff.tgz). The point here is to take the entire deep content of the old var and ensure it is unpacked over the new one. This should import the forge.db database and the content of var/projects and var/stacks
  • Start the new instance

If all goes well, when you restart the new one it should also start up all the projects on the new machine.

(Apologies I thought I had hit send on this yesterday)

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Hi @hardillb,

Thanks for the above, I'll give this a whirl next week, no way am I doing this on a Friday (especially when I am on-call for system outage support) :grimacing:

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