Pulling projects reloads all flows


Hi all,
First post, so sorry if I'm missing some essentials here.

I'm wondering if there is an option to not redeploy all flows when pulling a "project" from the repo. This is a bit of a risk for the currently running flows because, for example:

  • any 'delay' nodes will have their buffers reset (and therefore lose data)
  • inject on start will inject again
  • variables (global and flow) are reset (although these could be persisted in latest versions I believe?)

Is there an option to do a deploy similar to "only modified nodes" instead? I haven't been able to find this in the documentation. Any pointers in the right direction would also help!



Hi @joost - no such option exists but we could look at adding one in the future.


Hi @knolleary! Thanks for the quick response.

Do you know of any suggested options to avoid this, short of writing a delay node that persists data across redeploys instead of in mem?