From a problem a long time ago - what I suspect it is/was

When I was first getting into NR and dashboards I once had this problem that the dashboard would change the layout between views.

Objects (gui's) would move.

I was posting a lot of screen shots and complaining - now: somewhat foolishly - about the problem.

Suspected problem - in case anyone ever sees the same thing happen.

So I would have a dashboard something like:

Alas the gui has a few more items on it now.

So, cutting to the chase:

I had a dodgy mouse.
And what was happening is as I was going to the page, the mouse wheel would click and the wheel would also scroll.
(I have since discovered that this zooms the view)
As it was doing it erratically it was hard to understand what was going on.

Then one day the wheel just stopped working, or would work so infrequently it became useless.

I bought a new mouse.

Since then that problem has never happened again.

So if you are getting similar problems, check the mouse.