Get events from google Calendar with the goole-node - again

hi everyone,
i'm new in theme node red, but i have some programming skills an i can interpret some programm codes.

I want to create a dashboard with some sensor values and the next events from my google calendar.
I found a lot of discriptions online with much more programm code, but i think a lot of people have/had the same issue.

The sensor values are done but i don´t solve the google calendar task.

Following things i have done already, but i don´t have any success.

create a project on goole API
create/test with oAuth access to my google calendar
get a ClientID and Clientsecret.
pass the redirect URi in google API
make an entry in the host config file

But if i click on "Authenticate with Google" i can choose a google account and i can give access, but the application is "example" and not my project"...
On my mobile i get a message from google, that the app "googlecalender-node-red have now access to you´re google calendar"

What shoul i change or what is s.... f.... wrong!???

Best regards

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