Google Calendar “new event created”


My wife and I share a google calendar and whenever she makes a change I would like to receive a message preferably on our telegram group chat.

I googled the last 2 days but I don’t thing anyone has ever made or discussed this except for one Reddit post that was solved using IFTTT and although that can be an option I would love to use the minimal third party helpers so if they are taken down I need to start over again.

This is the flow I would like to create:

If new event is created

Then send a message:

“New event created with the title: $Title and date $date”

I use Home Assistant together with Node red.

Does anyone have any idea how to create this life saving flow?

The Google Calendar API has a watch capability that will call a webhook url when an event is created or changed.

So you will need to expose a suitable url to the Internet and then configure the API on your Google account to call it.

Obviously, you need to make sure that you only allow that url to be called by Google api servers and not by any random bot.

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