Haiku/SenseMe/Big Ass Fans

I can't seem to find any mention of a node for these fans - any tips?

Have you tried Google?

What I have found in about 45 seconds was that they are compatible for "Hands-free voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant".

So perhaps one of the dozens of nodes a palette search of the key words "Google" and "Alexa" turned up?

I prefer direct connections without the cloud if possible but yes, it's the fallback. I used neeva :wink:

I had never heard of it before... and after seeing the eventual $4.95/month, I never will again :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very good at avoiding clicking on ads from Google.

And after adding keywords from your title along with "Node-red", I found this topic on result #2 (right after the Ad on #1 :laughing: ) ... but also this on result #3 and possibly more interest to you...

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It looks like you have been hunting for alternate control for awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta love Google :joy:

how do I go from a repository to a node I can use? :slight_smile:

That API and example is in JavaScript, so I guess you could try the Function node and experiment?

If you use node-red 1.3.0 or above, you can add a reference to load a library in the function node setup tab.

This nodejs project was published 4 months ago: bigassfanjs - npm

Add a require to bigassfanjs in the function node setup tab and then write code in the function node to read/write values.

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