Help with ramping dimmers? Im racking my brain!


Hey all thanks so much for everything thus far, Ive enjoyed reading! Here is my first question

I feel like I may have bitten of more than I can chew - I'm new to AND node-RED.

I need some help... I want to create a transitional effect for one of my Hue light bulbs that kicks in at a certain time of the day.

To do this, so far I have two nodes in my sequence..
an 'inject' node set to repeat at a specific time of the day (say daily at 8:00)
this inject node is connected to the second node that makes the light turn on. When the light is on it sets the brightness in the data section {"brightness":25}.

However, I want to use transition times and found this JSON snippet online that I think will do exactly what I want, but I'm so new to this, I don't know where to place it in node RED or what to use
The idea have the lights slowly transition to On 0 percent to say 50 percent.


"payload": {

"duration": 10000


The nice thing here is "duration": 10000... but when I enter this it does not ramp up.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
Below is what im doing now that works.

So i assume there would be actually two things to send them

  1. Starting and ending % i;e. start at 0% and transition to 50% brightness
  2. Timeframe to transition in

Presumably giving those two values the light would gradually ramp up to the correct level - can you confirm this and what is the format of the command - or is it two seperate commands ?)

(You may (longer term) be better served looking at one of the more advanced timers to perform the start actions etc - Peter Scargills BigTimer is a good one as is Neil Cherry's MyTimeout



Reading the decription there int he mode the transition time is in seconds - so 10,000 seconds would mean you are waiting a long time to see anything happen !


Ah great!

How would I write this in node red?

So sorry for being a noob, but how would i do this?

duration != transition

You need to use {"brightness":25, "transition":10} (for 10 seconds)

Hmmmm this is what I am doing. It seems to just turn the dimmer to MAX at 255 with no timer. Please see screenshot. It should ramp over 10 seconds correct?

Can you paste your flow in here - and tell us what node you are using so we can see what is going on with it - screen shots are too difficult to follow


Hey Here is what I am doing..... with help from others.

You'll have to fix the service node and connect it. Problem is that Lutron does not allow transitions from what I have read. From this I only get on and off..

How many devices do you have in hass ? Perhaps an idea to drop hass altogether and just use node-red to handle this stuff.