Help with RF Bridge

Hi all
This is my first topic please be gentle with me.
I hope some of you can help me with a project I’m trying to do.
Iv been on this project for a week and getting nowhere as I’m new to node red. If anyone can point me in the right direction and give me some pointers as where to start, I’d be much appreciated.
This my set up Hassio running Node red in it, Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with Tasmota.
This is what I’d like to do if possible. I have a RF 433 Front doorbell button which when pressed it sends the RF code to Node red which will be changed and then pass it on to the RF 433 Doorbell Chime so that it can ring.
In hassio Binary sensor I have

  • platform: mqtt
    name: ‘Front door button'
    state_topic: "tele/RF_Bridge_2/RESULT"
    value_template: '{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}'
    payload_on: 'ABF1A1'
    off_delay: 5
    device_class: sound
    qos: 1

  • platform: mqtt
    name:’ Doorbell 'Chime'
    state_topic: "tele/RF_Bridge_2/RESULT"
    value_template: '{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}'
    payload_on: '3E5F61'
    off_delay: 5
    device_class: motion
    qos: 1
    In the tasmota console I get
    RF topic ( tele/RF_Bridge_2/RESULT)
    Front door button
    "RfReceived": {"Sync": 10090,"Low": 370,"High": 1030,"Data": "ABF1A1","RfKey": "None"
    Doorbell Chime
    "RfReceived": {"Sync": 15550,"Low": 510,"High": 1530,"Data": "3E5F61","RfKey": 1
    When I press RfKey1 button the door charm rings as it should.

Thank Rob

When I press RfKey1 button the door charm rings as it should.

It works or not ?
If it works in home assistant, why do you want to put it through node-red ?
Not really sure what your question is.

Thanks for the replay bakman2

No it does not work

What I mean when I say if I press RFkey1 its on the Tasmota console, That works, fine ie the chime rings.

I can see it in Hassio but it doesn’t work.

The RF button on the door does not communicate with the RF chime.

So I need a way to link them both together.

Thank Rob

I would keep this logic on the bridge.

If your home assistant or node-red is not running/functioning properly your doorbell won't work either.

You can use rules on the bridge.

Go to the console, enter:

RfKey1 6

If this rings the chime, enter line by line (change rule1 to another number if you already have a rule1):

rule1 on RfReceived#Data=ABF1A1 do RfKey1 6 endon
rule1 1 

Obviously I cannot test, but this should ring the chime when you press the doorbell.

You can still listen to the mqtt topic (or even publish to a new topic like 'doorbell') if you want to send a notification to your phone or something else.

Thanks, bakman2 for trying to help me

After changing the rule 1 to rule 3 it works 50% of the time, but the video notification that the doorbell sends to my phone stopped altogether. So I stopped rule 3 and the notifications started again.

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