Help with Widget Design... Pretty Please!

Hi All,

I have tried over the last week or two to wrap my head around widget design.... I am not coming right ... (well right enough to be self sustaining anyway...)

I am looking for a pretty basic(I think) widget/script to add to a dash, what I am looking for is as follows:

  1. It must display a single digit (0-9) in pretty much any font which would be nice if it was self scaling (to select the font would be a bonus)

  2. It must be able to accept a single digit on its input and display it accordingly

  3. When the cursor hovers over the top of it and you roll the scroll wheel, the digit should increment visually and echo its new value on its output at node level.

  4. Bonus points for being able to click in the upper/lower half of the digit on the dash and have it increment/decrement singly per click....

  5. Double, mega bonus points if a press and hold on the upper or lower of the digit causes it to increment/decrement at 100ms rate....

Holding thumbs!!

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