Hide screen parts

Anyone know how I can hide the mouse pointer on a touchscreen. also how to hide the menu button in the top left corner.


What operating system are you running on the computer running the touchscreen? What browser are you using?
Do you mean when using node-red-dashboard?

Node red is running on a linux ubuntu server. Screen is connected to a thin client.

I have managed to hide the menu by adding this below to a template node.

Now I just need to hide the pointer arrow.

Hi @lozzer65

I assume this means you are talking about Node-RED Dashboard and not the editor itself.

Have you searched for how to hide the mouse pointer using CSS?

For example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1071356/is-it-possible-to-hide-the-cursor-in-a-webpage-using-css-or-javascript

I did find this in the start of the article.

Nost sure exactly how to implement this.

Where should this code be placed ???