home assistant running behind reverse proxy, Node Red add-on not working.

I am running homeassistant on my ubuntu server. that same server has a VM (different internal IP) that I run NGINX and lets-encrypt (installed myself, not through HASS add-on store) on with a reverse proxy for redirecting traffic from outside my network to HASS and Nextcloud. When I visit home assistant (either from internalip:port, or from domain.duckdns.org) and I try to launch node red, I get 502 bad gateway. I am not super great with certs and ssl and such but if you look at my config and logs in this paste bin, that is clearly the issue. can someone help me setup? https://pastebin.com/4yN16dhj

I have done NOTHING to the NR setup but click "install add-on" from the store and reboot the machine.

My HASS has a dynamic dns through Duck. That traffic (80 and 443) gets forwarded to my NGINX server on (a VM), which then routes the traffic coming from that specific domain over to my server on (the VMs host running hass) on port 8123. any help would be appreciated.

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