Home made wallbox to charge the electric car

I’ve built a single-phase EV charging station (wallbox) connecting together the following devices:

  • the EVSE module DomBusEVSE
  • a contactor 2P 40A
  • an energy meter
  • a differential protection RCCB Type-B
  • EV cable with the Type-2 plug on one side

This is a single-phase wallbox, but making a three-phase wallbox is almost the same.

To make a wallbox by yourself, a full knowledge about electric systems and power dissipation is mandatory!!

DomBusEVSE module communicates by Modbus, so it's easy to get it working with NodeRED using the Modbus palette.

EVSE module is able to work in the following modes:

  1. Solar, using only available power only from the renewable plant (solar photovoltaic in my case)
  2. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% adding 25-100% of power from electricity grid
  3. managed mode: in this case the EVSE module works in "stupid mode" and an external automation can decide the charging current (Ampere). This mode can be useful to add special features, like managing simultaneous charging sessions with more EVSE modules, or manage the power in case of off-grid systems (with house storage), ...

I put in github the flow to control the DomBusEVSE module

Below the wallbox dashboard and a picture of the DIY wallbox.

DomBusEVSE EVSE module DIY wallbox with NodeRED

Flow to use the DomBusEVSE EVSE module homemade wallbox with NodeRED