How can I use UI standalone?

Dear All :

Like title, No need flow edit just ui ...Can and How?

Thank u

You have been asking a lot of questions lately without it appears doing any searching on the forum before posting.

If you search the forum on this you will find there are many links to solutions for this.


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Dear craigcurtin :

Thanks for ur reply,
Cause I cant find it, Maybe keyword is not good!

Thank u.

The Node-RED Dashboard UI is created by the flows you have running in Node-RED. You cannot have the Dashboard UI without Node-RED.

But you can disable the Node-RED editor - look in your settings.js file, find the disableEditor setting. Uncomment it and set it to true.

When you restart node-red, the editor will not available, but the dashboard will be.

You may also want to change the ui setting so the dashboard is served from / rather than the default ui.

Dear knollearly :

Thanks for ur reply.
ok,I see.
And I just want it be like A.exe file,
Just run A that it can run alone.

Thank u.

You can make a .cmd or .bat file to run node-red when double clicked.

Or create a shortcut link to the node-red command (which you will find if you type where node-red in a cmd terminal)

Dear Steve-Mcl :

I just hope just only UI Is like A.exe
But it seems cant be...

Thank u.

you can also create a shortcut to the UI

Drag the link from your browser to desktop


BUT - as Nick said, Node-RED MUST be running (because dashboard cannot work without node-red)

Dear Steve-Mcl :

Yeah, It seems only can do like u say.

Thank u.

You could try one of the many Node-RED Electron packaging projects.

Like this one: Dashboard as electron app

That should come close to a stand-alone app.

Dear kuema :

Thanks for u share the information.

Thank u.

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