How to access ip of AB PLC via rbpi

i have rbpi4 and node red installed on it, connect rbpi with laptop via vnc now i want to access my AB plc via rbpi
what i did is attached rbpi eth0 to plc and connect rbpi with my laptop via vnc, now i can access my plc from by window command prompt but can access plc by rbpi terminal,

i want to get some data from plc to nodered install on rpbi
kindly see pic attached for reference
how can i access my plc address from rbpi
rbpi ip

Sorry, why is this tagged with uibuilder?

While not really directly a node-red question, we are helpful folk here.

Firstly, your statement is contradictory, secondly we'd need more info to assist you.

Can you...

  • List out IP address, mask, gateway settings of...
    • Windows PC
    • RPI
    • PLC
    • Router/switch
  • Tell us how they are physically connected (a drawing would help)

Tag removed.

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