How to connect node red at distance?

Hi all,

I would like to know if it's possible to connect in node red at distance without local ip ?
My pi is at 1000 km from me, and i would like to connect at node-red without VNC.
The best method for me it's to type the ip direclty and i can go direclty in my pi node-red.
Is it possible to make that ?

Have you tried entering http://Pi_IP: 1880 in your browser on the PC, where Pi_IP is the ip of the pi.

If that doesn't work, Is the remote device on the same local network as the PC?

How do you currently connect using VNC?

To connect by VNC i use vnc connect with an account. I put my account on my pi and on my computer. Like so i can connect by distance to my pi with VNC (but i don't have the vidéo playing, this in an other problem).

My pi is connect on local network at Montpellier in and i need to see the dashboard and flow at distance to make update without connect with any desk, and go to the computer on local network and go to the ip of my ip.

i would like to go directly on the flow and dashboard.

Do you mean you are using a Cloud based VNC setup of some sort, or are you connecting directly to the pi? If you connect directly to the pi then you should also be able to connect in the browser using the ip address of the pi.

Or do you mean you need to connect to the pi across the internet? If so then there are many, many posts in the forum providing options on doing that.

Yes it is, i use Vnc cloud, like that i can see my desktop by distance. But i don't want use VNC because i can show my handling.

So, VNC work well with VNC cloud. But when i put my ip is not work. So i found process to make this with dyndns or something else, but i've big problem. I can't go to the modem/router to make this because no boddy have the password to connect and the box .... :frowning: ..

You think dyndns is the solution to make this ?

Search the forum, there are many possible solutions.

Take a look at Zerotier.

You set up a virtual network at and install the client on PC and Pi.
Each device will connect to the virtual network and acquire an IP in a secure private network.

For example, my Raspberry Pi is on my home network so I get to Node-red at
But if I am away from home I use the Zerotier provided interface

Sorry, not very well explained!

Tailscale is another service similar to Zerotier.

ZeroTier, Cloudflare ZeroTrust, NGROK, ... these all provide remote network-level access without needing to mess with your local edge router/firewall.

A dedicated device to site, site to site or device to device VPN is another alternative.

A third option is to add web security to the node-red access. Such as the examples I've given elsewhere using NGINX as a reverse proxy.

Personally I would not recommend a VNC solution which provides a "remote desktop client", especially if running on a single Pi since having to run a desktop itself is slow and pushing over an rdc makes it even worse typically. In addition there are lots of known vulnerabilities in rdc type tools.

Thanks a lot Jbudd, it's exactly what i need !

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