How to copy files onto node red using win scp

Hello. I am trying to copy a proto file from my documents to node red running at

What do I use for username and password in the win scp to access node red? please let me know about it and thank you .

NodeRed is an application.
scp or whatever file copy is an operating system action.
So, there is no "copy" to NodeRed.
How is installed NodeRed and what do you want to do ?


Just as GreenGolfer is saying...

Seems like you need the SSH or SFTP login details for the box that Node-RED is running on.

(I do something similar with Video and Image assets that Node-RED serves out via a Static HTTP page, which I assume is along the lines of what you are trying to do)

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Are you specifically wanting to use winscp? If not, another option is to use the http in node to build a web form that allows you to upload a file from your desktop to node-red.

You can find a sample for uploading form data in the Cookbook section of the documentation. If you add an <input type="file"> element to your form, it will POST the file contents to your node-red flow, where you can find it in msg.req.files -- from there, you can get the file contents and save them into a file on the node-red server.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I am running localhost of node red at via a web browser. I am trying to use an encoder block. I have to load a .proto file into this encoder block. To do this, I saw people use file transfer app. This is what I intend on doing.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you for your suggestion. However, in this case I cannot use http. I only have to maintain my communication in a private network.

Sorry, still unclear.
You haven't answered the question on how nodered is installed. If you access it via I suspect it is installed on the same host where the browser is running. So, it should "only" be a matter to copy the required file where nodered can read files. And this depends on your installation method... Docker, local install?

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