How to disable 'drop flow here' feature?

How to disable 'drop flow here' feature? Once it pops up, you can't cancel it? Quite the PITA when you are editing a flow, and can't get rid of it.

I think you should be able to hit escape to cancel it.

But I'm also interested not know how you are managing to trigger it so much? It triggers if you drag text over the workspace. Is that something you're doing intentionally for some reason, or accidentally.

I get this a lot too, it particularly seems to happen when I am trying to use the scroll bar to scroll the page left/right, maybe if I miss the scroll bar with the mouse or something like that. Sometimes it locks up completely and the only way out is to force a page refresh, losing any pending edits. I had put it down to using Waterfox (on Ubuntu), as that browser does seem to be getting rather flakey, so had not brought it up here. @Nodi.Rubrum which browser/OS are you using?

I have worked out how to replicate the problem on Waterfox. If I click and drag the same node several times then the Drop Flow popup flashes up and disappears, leaving the node selected and dragged about by the mouse even with the mouse button release. Clicking the mouse releases it, but if I then move it again then often the popup appears again and the page locks up (with the message up).

I can't reproduce the problem in Chrome or Firefox.

FireFox 88... the last time it happened. ESC does NOT seem to work for me.

I can't get it to happen with FF. Do you know what you have been doing when it fails?

Being trying to replicate it consistently this morning. Something to do with the mouse, I am clicking something but not releasing fast enough, and it hooks it and starts to drag it, even though I was not in the grid per se at the time of the click, then when actually do release, I sometime end up in that limbo... can't escape it. I have to reload the flows, cntrl-F5 or such to get rid of the drag state. I have cerebral palsy, so sometimes I click and/or release button down a bit longer than typically needed in error, this seems to help generate the issue when it happens, because the code thinks I wanted to drag something, but really I was just doing a click outside of the edit grid. Thinking about it, I wonder if I can change the release timing in the OS for the up button event, that might avoid the issue. It feels like the feature should not engage as fast as it does, be a bit more forgiving before the editor assumes a drag and drop is pending? If that makes sense?

Do you mean you initially clicked outside any node but it selected a node anyway?

Do you work zoomed in or out, or has it happened on the default zoom?

Edit: Also do you have snap to grid switched on?

One reliable way to trigger this is...

select a node - in right info window for that node - open the show more twistie and select some text.
Drag that into main window to get the "drop here" - and drop it...
... now can't use Esc to clear etc...

Error in console comes from

                t = new Error(RED._("clipboard.invalidFlow", {
                    message: e.message
                throw t.code = "NODE_RED",

Issue Raised here - Can't clear "Drop flow here" screen when accidentally triggered with bad data · Issue #2982 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

I presume that doesn't explain why it appears sometimes when there seems no obvious reason for it to appear.

The only way it gets triggered is by the browsers 'drag' event and when the payload of that event is text of some sort.

There could well be some subtle interaction that causes a bit of text to be selected when the mouse is pressed, so that the drag is then triggered.

Yes but you should at least be able to escape from it (or it should just handle and continue)

Yes, at least it won't crash :slight_smile:

It does 'crash' because I can't use escape. I have to drop the browser session, which means all flow changes are LOST when this happens, if I was actively editing flows.

I don't use the feature at all. I just want to turn it OFF, then I don't have to deal with it and thus not lose work.

@knolleary should the fix committed for the issue I posted be included in 1.3.5? I am still seeing the lockup when running on Waterfox.

I fixed the issue that was reported about not being able to get rid of the 'drop flows here' overlay.

Without a reliable recreate of a complete lockup, or any specific details about the issue, I don't know what's causing that.

Ah, ok, will try to break again, cough. After the next upgrade? The escape key not working as a real PITA.

You should never be in the position to need to use the escape key. There was a path in the code that if the flow was invalid and an error thrown, it would leave things in a bad state. Any errors in that area are now properly handled and the drop target always removed.

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