How to draw a line chart from a msg with multi topics

Here is my complete message debug payload results:

solarmd/energy/outputEnergy/bank1 : msg.payload : Object
sniu: false
serialNumber: null
deviceID: null
lastUpdate: 1677215035885
voltageV: 53.284
currentA: 16.17
powerW: 861.14952
capacityP: 85.71486689814814
capacityAh: 123.42940833333333
ratedCapacityAh: 144
ratedVoltageV: 51.2
ratedChargeCurrentC: 0.6940000000000001
ratedDischargeCurrentC: 0.6940000000000001
storageName: "bank1"
remainingTimeSign: 4972
dcConnected: true
available: true
dcConnectedDevice: 1

I am trying to use this chart mode:

to achieve a graph similar to this graph to depict battery levels

Setting the parameters for the graph I think I can do but I am unable to isolate
from the payload.

I will appreciate any pointers / help very much.

I would suggest to read the documentation that comes with the node.
It expects msg.payload with a value. You can have more lines by using msg.topic to differentiate between the source data.

Use a change node before the chart node:

In addition there is more information available if you want more customization.

Thanks for you help.

I managed create that Dashboard componenet

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