How to find specific log

I recently updated a contrib within pallete (node-red-contrib-hugemagic) and it broke a lot of stuff. Since then, time has passed and I've been looking to fix it in different ways.

But having read a lot of comments and threads on github I would like to roll back to the previous version of huemagic when things worked well for me. Problem is that I don't know which version I was running before. To roll back, I issued the following command:

npm install node-red-contrib-huemagic@3.0.0

This was too early, as I have some Hue button nodes that showed up with dashed lines around them (i.e. in my flows file, but no corresponding node within the huemagic suite)

Then I rolled forward to 4.0.0 but then when I change my light settings, the dashboard just immediately says "lost connection" and I have no idea why.

So I want to somehow work out what version of the contrib I was on previously. I have backups of my flows files from various dates, would I find any info in there?

Or is there a log file for npm or node-red that would have this info?

NB I have Node Red running on an Ubuntu server, as a service (I issue the following to e.g. restart the service: sudo service node-red restart)

I know that I hadn't updated this contrib for quite some time, as in over a year or more, before I updated recently and it broke. But I think 3.0.0 was too early. I haven't been able to see a full changelog with version dates on github that helps me determine which version I was running successfully for so long...

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

If you do a backup that includes the package.json file in your userDir folder, then you will have the info probably. You will not find it in the flows file I don't believe.

So you might just find something in a syslog somewhere depending on how long ago you upgraded and how many log rotations you keep.

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