How to manually install a node into the library

Hi guys, I am quite new to all of this and I have been stuck for some time on getting a flow going. I have the flow and manually added 6 of the 7 flows required from the pallette.

I get an error " Flows stopped due to missing Node Types : ncd-comm" I have since been advised I need to load "ndc-red-comm" to overcome this error. However it is not in the library.

I found it and downloaded it from Github here:

Now I do not know what to do with it on my windows PC. I attempted to manually put the folder in C:\Users***********.node-red\node_modules yet is does not show up in a search in the Node Red browser Pallette.

Can anyone assist this newby please?

Hi @bracketmounts

to install the module you should run:

npm install ncd-red-comm

in the C:\Users***\.node-red directory, and then restart Node-RED.

thank you for the quick reply. All up and running. I really appreciate your assistance

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