How to remove Raspberry PI nodes in 0.19.6?

My NodeRED instance in running in the cloud. There is no hardware attached.
How can the 4 Rasberry PI nodes (keyboard, GPIO in/GPIO out) be removed from the Node palette at the left side?

I tried to "npm uninstall" something but these nodes are not installed by npm nor by the palette editor.

Those nodes are part of the core install of Node-RED - they are not separate modules you can remove with npm.

You have three options:

  1. leave them there
  2. open the Manage Palette dialog, find them under the 'node-red' module and disable them.
  3. edit your settings.js file and add a nodeExcludes entry that lists node files the runtime should ignore. You can see that in action with the default settings file we use in IBM Cloud -

IMHO option 2. is the easiest and removes them from the node pallet on the left side of the editor window.