How to run node-red + wireguard in docker?

Good evening.

I have an application in node-red which need a connection to a remote VPN server(over wan/internet). This to make sure that the node red app always have access to the remote site i want to connect it to. The node red application should relay all data via Wireguard client and out on wireguard network(which would consits of 3 peers after plan)

I want to containerize it all, because i belive it would be easier to later scale it up if necessary. (still small scale). By scaling up i mean, increase number of Node Red and Wireguard pairs for different respective remote sites. So 1 WG and NR pair per remote site.

If docker is not a good idea, then what else would be?
The question is how to orchestrate this for simplicity and reliability? The docker tool i plan to use for management is portainer.

I want to follow the docker rule of "1 container per service" and use bridges for each pair.

What have you found so far?
A quick search brings up awesome-compose/wireguard at master · docker/awesome-compose · GitHub for wireguard.
I can't help with tools like portainer but if you have issues at the docker level I may be able to help.

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