Icon size settings

I've got the icons working (from other post) but now I am stuck with the size.

msg  = {payload: '<font color = "yellow" i class="wi wi-sunrise fa-2x"></i>'};

I am wanting to make it 1.5 size.

But if I make the line:

msg  = {payload: '<font color = "yellow" i class="wi wi-sunrise fa-1.5x"></i>'};

It doesn't work.

Font Awesome doesn't provide a class called fa-1.5x.

The available size classes are listed here: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/examples/#larger

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My mistake.

It is just one of those cases where normal size is a bit too small, and x2 is just too big.


Paul's weather icons also provide sizing wi-2x up to wi-10x - see https://github.com/Paul-Reed/weather-icons-lite

so try wi-lg (or fa-lg)

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I just didn't think of that.