Implemenation of ASTM 1394 or CLSI LIS2 serial messages over TCP/IP

Does anyone have any references to implementing serial communications over TCP/IP using message protocols ASTM 1394 or CLSI LIS02 ? Any pointers/references are highly appreciated.

Hi There!

It's difficult to provide any pointers since the specification is hidden away behind a paywall. I can only assume that it's some binary encoding for data that is sent over a wire using TCP/IP.

Node-RED does have a tcp node for sending and receiving data via TCP/IP but it probably does not have anything specific for doing CLSI LIS02 since it's a closed-source paywalled specification.

Having a quick look through existing nodes though, there is, for example, the APRS node that implements the APRS protocol. Looking at the source code, there's a nice example of sending APRS packets over a socket.

I would assume something similar would need to be implemented for CLSI LISO2.

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