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Hi all,
I've been having some good success with NR/Alexa. Most of the things I've been trying to do I've been able to plow through. Now I'm trying to setup a morning wakeup routine whereby the TV will turn and the Fios STB to turn on the news. The TV is no problem but Alexa doesn't expose the FIOS STB to NR as a device so the nodes cannot access the STB directly. I've tried creating an Alexa routine but that also does not have the FIOS STB as an option. The only way I've been able to control the FIOS STB is to use Alexa's voice command, like 'Alexa, change to channel xxx', which works fine. Is there a way to inject or send a voice command to Alexa through one of the nodes?

PS, sending that command as a 'speak' didn't work either (I wasn't expecting it to but wanted to mention that I tried that)

AFAIK - no way of sending voice commands to Alexa except via its microphone

I'm actually considering dedicating a Pi and a dot to this task - i.e. connect a speaker to a pI - put that on top of a dot with the whole lot in a box :slight_smile:

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Gotcha, thanks... I was hoping that wasn't the answer but figured it was.

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Ezlo sell the atom which is a cheap z-wave controller around Ā£25, This controller has A system called VOI. With VOI you can send voice commands to alexa, google and siri. The Atom2 is under beta at the moment which has http functionality. Also their new mios app has VOI to but i believe this will be a subscription model.

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Interesting, I'll have to look into that. Thanks!

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